Nearby Attractions

With its special role as the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a sprawling metropolitan city, center of business and center of reign administration. Jakarta is a strategic location of many multi-national company branches, international brands stores, luxurious housing and starred hotels, culinary attractions and cultural organizations. That is why Jakarta offers more culture, entertainment, shopping and sightseeing options than any other places in Indonesia.

  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

    Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is Indonesia's answer to every visitor's prayer to see the magnificent archipelago in just 1 day. An extensive park to get a glimpse of the diverseness of the Indonesian archipelago. Represents Indonesia's 27 provinces & their outstanding characteristics, in the exact regional architecture of the province.

  • Telaga Arwana Cibubur

    Telaga Arwana Cibubur (TAC) is a park at Jambore Road, Cibubur. This area is built in 2009 with a 5 hectares that provide calm ambience of beautiful nature. TAC also provide many both recreational & educational activities for children at nature such as outbond, flying fox, mini waterpark, catch fish, and many more.

  • Cibubur Garden Diary (Cibugary)

    Cibubur Garden Diary (Cibugary) in Pondok Ranggon is a place of cow farm. Visitor can bring their family especially children to teach them so many fun activities mixed with education. Like how to milk cows, learn benefits of milk, and feed them. And There is an Arwana Pool - a huge pool and Saung ( Sundanese that means small place to rest and enjoy the nature's view).

  • Ancol

    Ancol is a place that become fun attraction for both family and tourist in North Jakarta. Always create a better social environment through quality entertainment by offerings element of art, culture and knowledge, in order to realize the community 'Life Re-Creation' which became the pride of the Indonesia. There are so many fun and challenging games there such as Dunia Fantasi, Sea World etc